This week on Gigaom Research: bitcoin and 3D printing

At Gigaom Research, our analysts take a peek into the future of early markets such as bitcoin and additive manufacturing. Some of this week’s most popular research includes reports on digital currency services, a vision for 3D printing, and our most recent Sector RoadMap on data-discovery tools.
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Connected Consumer: 3D Printing: hype, hope or threat? by Aram Sinnreich
In this report, analyst Aram Sinnreich considered the long-term implications of additive manufacturing on traditional industries such as health care, toys, and apparel. Sinnreich provides recommendations for companies looking to best prepare for the changes caused by 3D printing. Although the market is still young, this technology has the potential to reshape global economies through accelerated innovation and efficiency.
Cloud: Sector RoadMap: Data Discovery in 2014 by Andrew Bust.
Analyst Andrew Brust reviews data-discovery vendors in this Sector RoadMap. These types of companies help business users query and visualize data with incremental sophistication. Over the next 12 to 24 months, self-service, mobile functionality, and connectivity to CRM data will be necessary features for data-discovery tools expecting to rise to the top of a busy market.
Mobile: Bitcoin and beyond: understanding the opportunity in digital currency services and infrastructure by Kristina Yee
According to Kristina Yee, the role of alternative currencies is undecided but the momentum behind new currencies should be seriously considered as an influence on the evolution of our financial systems. In this report, Yee defines the digital currency landscape and educates the reader about the opportunities around the adoption of digital currencies such as bitcoin.
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