Android lockscreen app Cover joins Twitter

Things might get interesting in the near future for Twitter (s twtr) users on Android (s goog), as Android-first mobile lockscreen developers Cover said Monday that it will join the Twitter team.
Cover launched in an invite-only beta in October of 2013,┬áreplacing the traditional screen an Android phone presents when its locked to include app suggestions based on the location of the user. The app also has a few other functions, including the ability to “peek” into apps without unlocking the phone by swiping right without unlocking the phone. The company plans on keeping Cover in its current form available in the Google Play store, but notes in its blog post that it might shut it down if work on Twitter becomes too great.
The details of the acquisition have yet to be disclosed, but Twitter’s decision to snap up Cover might signal what the company is planning for its Android offerings — from a more tailored Android experience for the home screen to (on a more ambitious note) a Twitter-themed Android layer. Cover is proudly Android-first, and that stance will only become more valuable as the phone market gets larger.