Are your mobile apps responding fast enough?

A key element of mobile app success is the performance of cloud services. Most apps depend on six or more cloud services, and many of them are outside of your app’s control. For example, an app might use Facebook for logins, Amazon Web Services for storage and Flurry for analytics. The performance of services impacts end-user experience.
To understand the impact, you should track responsiveness and error rates.

  1. Responsiveness is the time it takes for each service call to respond to your app.  Poor responsiveness leaves users waiting. People expect responses in under a second; any longer and you lose their attention. Unfortunately, our data shows that 9 percent of service calls take longer than 1 second.
  1. Error rate is the percentage of HTTP or network errors an app experiences while making cloud service calls. High error rates mean apps can’t provide content or functionality to the user. Our data shows that 18 percent of service calls from apps have an error rate of 5 percent.

Unfortunately services are unpredictable and often further complicated by factors outside of  your control. Location, for example, is an element one cannot control: A mobile app user in India experiences responses that are 2.1 times slower than in the U.S.
Mobile application performance solutions like Crittercism help organizations monitor, prioritize, troubleshoot and trend the performance of cloud services used by mobile apps to deliver superior end-user experience. Proactively manage your apps and the services they depend on with Crittercism.