Here’s a welcome twist: Samsung’s Gear Fit to show data in portrait mode

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S5, the company’s Gear Fit wearable goes on sale this week. I was impressed by the design when Samsung showed it off and a review unit is on the way so I can take a deeper dive with it. Well, not literally; the Gear Fit is water-resistant, not waterproof.
gear fitOne particular aspect of the device bugged me as soon as I saw it, however. Maybe these pictures will illustrate the problem.
Note how all of the data is displayed horizontally across the device display? Now think about how you wear and read a traditional watch: Everything is shown vertically or in portrait mode because that makes the most sense when on a wrist with your elbow bent for reading the watch.
Here’s an example showing the difference between a standard watch and the Gear Fit. As you read the watch, the traditional timepiece aligns nicely for reading while the Gear Fit requires a head tilt to read.
Gear Fit next to watch
Thankfully, Samsung appears to understand the problem. SamMobile says the company has the Gear Fit working in a vertical mode, at least in a Samsung retail store in its home country of South Korea. That suggests a software update will soon follow the Gear Fit hardware launch to align the information in a more comfortable reading orientation, making for a better end-user experience.