Updated: Twitter introduces media-rich user profiles

On Tuesday, Twitter (s twtr) finally said goodbye to the user stream by introducing Twitter profiles. The new look, which has been the subject of some speculation for months, changes the look of a user’s Twitter page and prioritizes photos and popular tweets. It will be rolled out to all users in coming weeks.
In addition to introducing a larger picture and a cover photo, the new profile layout prioritizes media-rich tweets — particularly ones that include video — while pushing replies into the background. The profiles also make well-received tweets — those that have had many retweets or favorites — more of a focus by making them larger compared to others. Finally, users can now “pin” an important tweet to the top of the profile, taking it out of the stream and pushing it front and center.
Overall, the new Twitter profile may actually make user pages on Twitter a useful experience, instead of a user-focused copy of the traditional Twitter experience. The new profiles follow Twitter’s burgeoning interest in photos, seen best in the introduction of new photo and tagging features, by making them the star of the show. It’s a smart choice, and could draw more people to actually spend time on user pages.
Update: Twitter officially rolled out new user profiles on Tuesday, April 22, via an announcement made on the company’s blog. Users can switch to the new profile by going to this splash page.