Dropbox announces photo-sharing app Carousel

On Wednesday Dropbox announced a batch of new consumer products for both mobile and desktop consumers. But Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO, saved the best for last: a photo-sharing feature that allows users to sync seamlessly through Dropbox called Carousel.
“When I’m looking at the photos on my phone, I see photos I took with the phone, but I don’t see pictures from my computer or anything else,” said Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO speaking at a special event in San Francisco. “Instead of one shoebox, I have many shoeboxes.”

Drew Houston debuts Dropbox's new Carousel feature. Photo by Lauren Hockenson/Gigaom

Drew Houston debuts Dropbox’s new photo sharing app Carousel. Photo by Lauren Hockenson/Gigaom

Carousel is a standalone app, powered by Dropbox, that aims to solve that problem. Houston said the company has been working on it for years. It works kind of like a Facebook(S fb) Timeline, organizing photos into events and surfacing important photos to highlight each event. The app doesn’t actually locally store any photos or videos on a phone — everything is in the cloud, but accessible at all times. Carousel also has auto-backup, syncing photos across platforms. The app is available free, but those who want more than 5GB of space will have to pay to upgrade their account.Carousel_iOS_Event_Share
“Everywhere you are, you have every picture you’ve ever taken organized in a beautiful timeline,” Houston explained. “But not only that, you have every picture that’s been taken of you.”
Photos can also be shared between users in an interface reminiscent of a chat window: They can tap and quickly share batches of photos, comment on them with a message, and share with both individuals and a group. Photos and video sent can sync directly to the user’s Timeline with a click.
The announcement comes after the company reportedly took out $500 million in debt financing on top of the $350 million funding round it raised in February. Dropbox now has more than 275 million users — a 75 million user increase from last year.
Carousel is available today for iOS (s aapl) and Android (s goog).