Gigaom Research webinar: the internet of things: making it happen in your business

Smart homes, connected cars and personal health care devices may grab the bulk of the headlines, but every business can benefit from the internet of things (IoT). Whether you want to add intelligence to factories, increase the efficiency of your shipping, advertise to new demographics, or simply deliver enterprise applications to the personal devices of your employees and/or customers, the IoT should be central to your IT strategy.
The sky is the limit, but getting from here to there is no simple task. Connecting end points to backends with the necessary speed, scale and security takes planning, focus and a clear understanding of the end goal.
In this webinar, our panel will address these topics:

  • How will the IoT affect businesses of various sorts?
  • What are the benefits to greater device connectivity?
  • Which businesses and industries have made best use of the IoT so far? What traits do they share?
  • What are the most common implementation challenges?
  • What process and technology changes must businesses make to support IoT-based initiatives?

Speakers include:

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