Samsung takes one more step towards making music subscriptions free

European music service Deezer announced a partnership with Samsung Thursday that amounts to another step towards free music subscriptions. European consumers who buy a newly introduced Samsung Galaxy S5 will get access to six months of Deezer’s premium service for free.
Deezer’s paid offering is comparable to similar services from competitors like Spotify and Rdio, offering on-demand access to millions of songs without any advertising. The company currently charges €10 (close to $14) per month for its premium tier, which is also comparable to the cost of Spotify.
The bundled offer is being touted as a six-month trial of Deezer, and consumers will have to pay the full price for the service if they continue to use it after that promotional period, but it’s nonetheless an interesting move for the company, and one that’s not entirely unprecedented: Samsung launched a n0-cost and ad-free Pandora (S P) competitor called Milk for users of its devices in the U.S. last month.
Like many hardware makers, Samsung initially tried to launch its own music subscription service, with the idea of using services as an additional revenue stream. However, the Milk launch and the Deezer partnership seem to signal a shift in strategy towards using music as a value-add for its core hardware products.
Samsung isn’t alone with its move towards free premium music services. Amazon (S AMZN) is rumored to ready its own premium music service, which will be bundled with its Prime subscription offering.