Chrome Beta for Android can re-open that tab you just closed

I can’t count the number of times I’ve accidentally closed a browser tab on my phone. If it’s ever happened to you, you’ll know it’s as frustrating as unsuccessfully trying to pick up an important incoming call a single millisecond after the other party disconnects. Google(s goog) can’t help with the infuriating missed phone call problem but it is fixing your mistake when it comes to browser tabs.
The latest Chrome Beta for Android has a new undo close tab feature to bring back a browser tab from the dead. With this new version of the beta browser, each time you close a tab, you’ll see a small message on the bottom of the display showing an Undo action. It’s very much like Google’s undo mechanism in Gmail for times you may have sent or deleted a bit prematurely. Tap the Undo button and your tab returns but you’ll only have a few seconds; after that, the Undo option gracefully fades away along with your browser tab.
This latest beta of Chrome is built from version 35 of Chrome and includes a few other nice features as well. Google says the updated software can play full-screen video with subtitles and HTML 5 controls and supports casting for “some videos” with its Chromecast product. Also included is support for multi-window devices, suggesting the Chrome Beta for Android will work on Samsung phablets and tablets that run multiple Android applications simultaneously on the screen.