Dropbox adds better photo sharing capabilities

Dropbox has 275 million users, and I’m one of them.  However, in an attempt to move away from storage, Dropbox has launched Carousel, a photo-sharing app for iOS and Android platforms.
If you have a Dropbox, Carousel will help you share the photos you store in your account. The app also catalogs and categorizes your photos, even if they are stored in different folders, and organizes them by date. Once photos are organized, you can view them in full screen, or share with others, but only through the Dropbox sync route.
As cloud storage becomes more competitive, these kinds of capabilities attract more users, and thus create more revenue.  Of course, this is mostly for the retail crowd.  I’m not sure businesses will look for photo sharing capabilities.
I suspect that we’ll see a few of these kinds of upgrades to other cloud storage users, as the market becomes more oriented to grabbing market share.  It’s your move Box, Google, and Apple.