Sprint tips Android software update for Nexus 5, likely to be Android 4.4.3

Nexus 5 handsets on Sprint’s(s s) network have a software update available. According to Sprint’s own support page for the phone, a new Android build dubbed KTU48F is coming to phones starting Monday. Android Central found the software information, noting that this is likely Android 4.4.3 and will be made available for Nexus(s goog) phones on various carriers.
Sprint’s Nexus 5 is a bit unique, however, due to the carrier’s Project Spark which dynamically chooses which LTE band to use for mobile broadband activities. Video downloads, for example, may be routed over a faster channel while basic email and other notifications are sent from a slower one; in this case, the user wouldn’t likely see a speed difference since so little data is actually being transmitted.
Sprint says the new Android software will add support for Project Spark’s band 26 and band 41, along with miscellaneous Android updates. Android Police created a list of expected Android 4.4.3 tweaks at the end of March suggesting that the software will address small fixes for radio, data and camera focus issues. Bigger changes are likely coming at June’s Google I/O developer event although it’s possible Google repeats history from 2013. Last year Android was massively improved without a major Android release; instead, Google updated core common services and APIs to bring the big changes.