Netgear adds BitTorrent Sync to its network-attached storage drives

Now this is smart: BitTorrent Inc. has teamed up with Netgear (S NTGR) to take its P2P-powered Dropbox competitor BitTorrent Sync to the next level. Owners of a ReadyNAS device can now install apps for Sync directly on that device, which will make it possible to back up and sync phones, tablets and computers with the networked storage drive. BitTorrent announced Tuesday that it will reveal additional NAS integrations in the near future.
BitTorrent first unveiled Sync a little over a year ago, and the app has arguably been one of the most promising projects the company has been working on. The app encrypts data to secure it during transit, and it offers unlimited file transfers for free, making it both a simple option for people who want to back up media from their smart phones as well as an alternative to paid cloud services.
Sync originally was a BitTorrent Labs experiment, but has now seemingly graduated to become one of the company’s core products. It’s featured on the homepage, and late last year, BitTorrent decided to shut down its personal file sharing product SoShare and redirect all of its users to Sync instead.