Signing in to services with an Amazon login just became easier for Kindle owners

On Tuesday, Amazon announced a subtle but important change to its Login with Amazon service. On the newest Kindle Fires, mobile apps and games that required an Amazon login no longer require a password every time a user launches the app. Instead, the first time the app is run, Amazon will ask if the user consents to automatically log on using the account registered to their Kindle Fire. In addition, developers can now access the Login with Amazon service through Amazon’s mobile SDK.
Presumably, some of these apps offer the option to log on through Facebook or Google as well, so it makes sense that Amazon would take steps to make sure its OAuth solution works as well as possible on its own devices. Considering that many Fire TV early adopters found their devices were already logged in to their account out of the box and the compelling Amazon phone rumors that keep cropping up, Amazon seems to be laying the groundwork for a big ecosystem push this year.