Goodreads users can now sync Amazon purchases with their accounts

Since Amazon(s AMZN) acquired book-based social networking site Goodreads about a year ago, the retailer has gradually been integrating Goodreads’ functionality into Kindle. Kindle Fire tablets and the new and first-generation Kindle Paperwhite e-readers support Goodreads, for instance, letting users log into their Goodreads account from the devices and share what they are reading.
However, the integration hadn’t worked in the other direction — users hadn’t been able to add past Kindle purchases to their Goodreads shelves. Now they can: On Wednesday Goodreads announced a new feature, “Add Your Amazon Books,” that lets users add both print and Kindle books purchased on Amazon to their Goodreads accounts. It will be rolling out over the next few weeks to the U.S., Canada and Australia, but if you don’t want to wait you can jumpstart the integration through this link.
One incentive for linking the accounts, Goodreads says, is that “more books added to your Goodreads shelves means better recommendations to help you find more great books to read. The super-smart algorithm powering our recommendations engine analyzes the books you rate to come up with the best book suggestions for your unique reading tastes.” The linking is also another way for Amazon to see which of its customers are Goodreads users, though Goodreads notes that “We give you full control over which books to add so you can avoid adding any books bought as gifts. Any book not rated or added to a shelf will not be added to Goodreads.”