Apple reportedly looks to integrate Shazam into Siri

Apple(appl) is working with Shazam to integrate song identification into an upcoming iOS update, according to a report in Bloomberg.
Shazam’s app, which is available for Android as well as iOS, uses a device’s onboard microphone to record sound and match it against a database, returning the name of the song and artist. If Apple integrates it with iOS, we can expect similar functionality built into Apple services like Siri and iTunes Radio. According to the report, Siri will gain the ability to answer questions like “What song is playing?” Shazam’s app already has excellent iTunes integration — after identifying the song, the most prominent link on screen is to the iTunes store.
Although Shazam was an early iOS hit and has been a featured app on iTunes in the past, it has never been higher than the 13th most downloaded iPhone app. If it were to be integrated into iOS, there would be a good number of users who might discover the addictive ability to identify previously unknown music.
In December, Shazam added automatic TV show and music recognition to its app, which allowed users to keep Shazam running in the background while it identifies songs playing on a stereo or shows on television. Shazam has also tried to position its app as a sort of audio-based QR code reader for television advertising: during the most recent Super Bowl, users could Shazam a Bud Light advertisement and gain access to a limited download of Afrojack’s single “Ten Feet Tall.”