Google is sending dummy Glass units to prospective Explorers

Would you like to try out Google Glass before spending $1500? Unless you know somebody with a pair, you’re out of luck. But a user on Reddit has posted images of the next best thing: a program where you can try on Google’s Glass-compatible frames and see whether they look good on your delicate face. Google has confirmed the trial program through its Google Plus page.
In exchange for a $50 deposit, Reddit user clide received four pairs of Glass in the mail, each with a different titanium frame and different color Glass unit. All four pairs of Glass were nonfunctional. One photo shows a broken USB port, presumably so it could not be charged or plugged into a computer.
Clide received his invite through an email update on the Explorer program. Unlike most Google initiatives, the ordering process did not take place online. He posted:

To sign up I went through a series of phone calls where I had to give them information in small chunks. One call to say I was interested, another to give them the best time to call me, another to give them my address, and a final one to give them my billing info for a $50 hold on my card.

We tried the phone number Clide posted with the photos earlier this afternoon, but were unable to reach a person.
Other eyewear companies, like Warby Parker and Shuron, send multiple sample sizes to their customers free of charge, mainly because eyewear fit is a tricky, individual process. Although Google Glass does not have sizes, it does have four frame options and five colors to choose from. This program seems to be targeted at certain customers and continues Google’s pattern of distributing Glass in ways that are not available to the general public.
On Tuesday, Google had a one-day Glass sale to expand its user base. Its product page currently shows the eyewear as out of stock.