Two months in, Twitter data miner SocialRank introduces Analytics Dashboard

Twitter analytics are a difficult game —¬†earlier this week, Twitter bought data reseller Gnip to gain access to its massive firehose of data. Perhaps that’s why the initial success of SocialRank, a two-month old startup created by former Dwolla executives Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld, is particularly interesting: in just a matter of months, the company has managed to build quite a following for its ability to tell people how influential their followers are with a viral tool called “Most Valuable Follower.”
And, starting Thursday, users will have a more friendly interface for their statistics, as the company announced an analytics dashboard that brings the company’s statistics to the forefront.
Taub and Schonfeld’s crown jewel is the Most Valuable Follower, or MVF, which calculates the influence of a follower pool (based on a handful of other data points including the follower:following ratio) and brings the best one to the top — a way for users to understand and engage with followers with high influence. In addition, the company has developed Most Engaged Followers, or MEF, which helps people and brands identify which followers most often respond to tweets from a particular handle. Finally, there’s the Best Follower — a combination of both the MVF and MEF tool that shows the most engaged follower with the greatest influence.
The basis for SocialRank stemmed from work done at a hackathon two years ago, but SocialRank came to life full-time only after Taub and Schonfeld secured $150,ooo in funding. Since then, the company has expanded to also include a premium service, which offers extensive reports for $25 per month.
The company has already worked with six different brands, including GoPro and Spotify, to utilize the data from their analytics to help reward engaged followers on Twitter, and Taub promises there are more to come.