Drones 101 and why your August smart lock hasn’t shipped just yet

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Between Amazon threatening to use drones to deliver packages, to etiquette questions about what to do when you find a fallen drone, the tech set and popular culture has become obsessed with the flying machines. So I asked my colleague Signe Brewster to come on the show to offer us a little intro to drones course. After all, many of them are connected. She shares a lot of information about what’s on the market today, what they are doing and how hard it is to learn how to fly them indoors. She also asks for help in connecting her venetian blinds.
The second half of the show I talk to Jason Johnson, the CEO of August, a maker of a smart lock launched last June. The $199 lock was expected in December and then in late Spring, but now it’s been pushed out indefinitely. Johnson explains why it’s taken so long to ship. The short answer is that it’s hard to build a smart lock, but the long answer is worth hearing. You might learn something about building consumer products. Johnson ends with his thoughts on how the smart home will come together and avoids telling me product August will improve next.
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guests: Signe Brewster and Jason Johnson, CEO of August.

  • It’s drones 101 time as we discuss what is on the market, what they can do
  • I try to think of ways to make a drone work for the connected home. Maybe it could walk my dog?
  • What makes a lock smart. Or a robot?
  • Why hasn’t my darn smart lock shipped yet?

Where is August going next with connected consumer devices?
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