Adobe Social Media Intelligence Report: Text engagement down as videos heat up on Facebook

Following its third quarter tracking social media traffic and referrals, Adobe’s Digital Index released its latest Social Media Intelligence Report for Q1 on Monday. While traffic referrals are up year-over-year on many social media platforms, the most interesting information comes from the top dog, Facebook (s fb): as its newly-integrated mobile ads roll out, it is increasing engagement while driving down the effectiveness of text-only posts.
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Facebook began rolling out its mobile ads in earnest right in the thick of the first quarter, which explains a lot of Adobe’s data: video ad posts and replays increased 134 percent from Q4 and 734 percent from 2013. But the interesting feature is engagement — instances of users liking, commenting, or sharing on video posts is up 58 percent from Q4 and 25 percent from 2013. Furthermore, the introduction of video ads has actually made text-only ads less valuable, and they now count for just 9 percent of all Facebook shares.
Additionally, Facebook, Twitter (s twtr) and Tumblr (s yhoo) have all seen year-over-year increases in¬†the value of referral traffic. Twitter saw a modest 5 percent in revenue per referral, while Facebook showed an 11 percent increase — but the really dynamic statistic comes from Tumblr, which saw a 55 percent increase since 2013.¬†Facebook still remains dominant over its competition in referrals — garnering as much as double the revenue per referral — but earnest growth in new social media platforms may soon cut into its lead.
Adobe’s Social Media Intelligence Report analyzes social media trends of aggregated and anonymous data, including 260 billion Facebook ad impressions and 17 billion referred visits from social networking sites.
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