Advertising can be so much more than a clickthrough

Advertising can ultimately define the user experience. It can underpin the whole look and feel of a service. It’s about combining the quality and creativity seen in organic content with the commercial aspects of paid-for marketing. It has the potential to once again be an artistic feature if done transparently and responsibly. This means designing ads that are intuitive, not intrusive.
At WeTransfer, we are using native content to build better relationships with our users, not destroy them. We do this by partnering with some of the world’s most recognized brands and exciting creative minds. This allows us deliver beautiful content, whether it’s paid for or not. Perhaps this is why our clickthrough rates (anywhere up to 2 percent) are so much higher than the industry standard.
Our service is designed to intrigue consumers, not interrupt them. The advertising, in the form of full-screen images and videos, is designed to improve the experience of our users. They add relevance, experience and creativity to our platform.
Next to advertising we offer 50 percent of our ad inventory to young creatives free of charge. This means we are not entirely reliant on marketers to produce content for our platform. We seek the most exciting and relevant content for our users. This in turn heightens the creativity and quality of paid advertising.
For us, supporting both advertisers and the creative people who would use our service is intuitive. We are building an ecosystem that will ultimately strengthen our brand, not damage it.