Deeper business insights for mobile services leader

Clickatell is a global leader in mobile messaging and transaction services, which enable its customers to connect, interact and transact with their business partners and communities via mobile phone.
Clickatell’s technology team is charged with supporting three main business applications: a message exchange, transaction exchange and USSD gateway. These are all revenue-generating systems for the company, so keeping them running smoothly is crucial. Clickatell needed greater insight into how these applications were operating, in real time.
Previously, when something went wrong with one of the platforms, the support staff would be notified via the monitoring applications, but troubleshooting and performing root-cause analysis was often a time-consuming process.
Clickatell now uses Splunk software for incident investigation, performance monitoring and operational business analytics. This lets Clickatell become aware of a potential issue before it becomes a real issue. The team now has the ability to react faster and proactively, so they can let customers know there’s a problem ahead of time. In addition, Splunk gives Clickatell visualizations of its system performance and health. Splunk dashboards also provide senior executives with insights into key business KPIs and SLAs.
With Splunk, Clickatell can extract valuable pertinent information — such as activity, data volume, patterns of events or errors — from its machine data and supply that directly to customers. As a result, Clickatell’s customers can also be more proactive and deliver better service to their own clientele.
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