Facebook acquires ProtoGeo Oy, maker of fitness tracking app Moves

The fitness app market just gained another giant competitor with deep pockets. Facebook(S fb) plans to acquire ProtoGeo Oy, a Finnish software company that’s most well-known for making fitness tracker app Moves, ProtoGeo Oy said on Thursday.
Moves is able to record a wide range of activities in addition to tracking the fitness app standbys of walking, biking, and running. For instance, it can identifiy whether a user is riding on public transit.
The app requires no external hardware, but instead uses sensors already built into smartphones. Moves does most of its data processing remotely, on ProtoGeo’s servers, and a Facebook spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal that the algorithm that determines the different kind of activities is protected by a patent.
Like other recent Facebook acquisitions WhatsApp and Oculus, Moves will continue to operate independently, adding another stand-alone app to Facebook’s growing stable. Although Facebook did not disclose the price it paid for the company, a Facebook spokeswoman said the sum is likely nowhere near the size of other recent acquisitions.
Moves is available for both iOS and Android.