IFTTT adds an Android channel so I made a bat phone

If This Then That (IFTTT), the startup that lets you link various web services together, has added support for Android(s goog) handsets. Much like its support for the iPhone(s aapl), the new channels lets people use their phone as a trigger for any number of things, from blinking your Philips hue lights when you get a text to sending photos to Dropbox the moment you take them.
I’ve been playing with it for a few hours on my Android handset and already created the equivalent of a bat phone for my editor. When I get a text from his number my hue lights in my living room and master bedroom turn red. At that point I can find my phone or rush to my computer to see what’s going on. I also did a generic text recipe so my lights blink when I receive a text from anyone.
IFTTT Recipe: The batphone! connects android-sms to philips-hue
For those who don’t leave their phones inside their purse, this may not be the recipe of choice for you, but something as simple as sending every photo you take with your camera to Dropbox is now easy, even if you don’t have Dropbox on your device. The Android channels offered relate to Wi-Fi access, phone calls, texts, location, notifications and photos. You access it by downloading the IFTTT app on the Play store.
I wish that in the phone call channel I had the option of using my phone ringing as a trigger, but the closest I could come was setting something up when a specific person called. I’m going to keep playing with this new functionality, but in the meantime I offer you my batphone recipe and a recipe I set up to notify me on my handset if Congress is set to vote on a bill.
IFTTT Recipe: Congress is voting connects sunlight-foundation to android-notifications