Linux trailblazer Mark Shuttleworth on why it’s OpenStack that matters now

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Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, who backed Ubuntu Linux from the get-go,  is over the Linux wars, at least in the traditional  single-node Linux incarnation. Now the action has moved to OpenStack, where the old Linux players — Red Hat(s rhat), SUSE, Ubuntu — are now maneuvering for market share in the cloud context. Also why Azure may be the public cloud to give AWS a run for its money, how the concept of free consumer-focused cloud storage leads vendors to do “unhealthy things with data.”
Shuttleworth also discusses how Canonical makes money off OpenStack, why  Microsoft Azure(s msft) is the public cloud that will give Amazon Web Services (S amzn) a run for its money, and why the operating system, at least in the single-node incarnation, really doesn’t matter much in the cloud era.
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Other big news for  the week, Pure Storage’s latest monster funding round and whether Karmasphere’s exit signals the beginning of the great Hadoop convergence.


Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris

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