Now, there’s an idea: Netflix is looking to hire a P2P engineer

Well, this is interesting: Ars Technica has found a Netflix (s NFLX) job listing for a senior software engineer “with a special focus in peer-to-peer networks.” Part of the job responsibilities include “research and architecture of large scale peer to peer network technology as applicable to Netflix streaming” as well as “liaise with internal client and toolkit teams to integrate P2P as an additional delivery mechanism.”
Netflix isn’t currently using P2P for content delivery, but the company’s CEO Reed Hastings floated it as a possibility last month in an effort to scare ISPs straight. At the time, I took a detailed look at how using P2P would work for Netflix, and came to the conclusion that the company isn’t likely to do this any time soon:

“Yes, it would be possible, and yes, it would save the company some money. But with the large number of Netflix users and the wide variety of devices they use to watch Netflix, P2P would also bring up a whole range of new problems.”

Does the job offer change my mind? Not necessarily. A company like Netflix is continuously evaluating technologies which it may or may not ever implement.┬áStill, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Netflix is debating these possibilities internally.