IBM centralizes cloud services

IBM Cloud online marketplace goes live this week. Enterprises can now find the full range of IBM’s offerings behind a single gateway. The marketplace has more than 100 hosted IBM applications, as well as middleware components (from IBM’s Bluemix platform as a service [PaaS]). This marketplace also serves as a portal to IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and houses a collection of services from IBM partners.
The IBM mix of cloud services has been darn confusing, to a point that new or existing IBM customers have no clue as to what to use, where, or why. The migration over to the Softlayer cloud services as not helped.
Considering these issues, the consolidation and centralization of most of IBM’s cloud services is pretty much an obvious course of action. That said, IBM has some work to do to become more relevant in the cloud, if the company wants to move over and above the likes of AWS and others. Thus far, they seem to be moving too slow and too much, well, like IBM.