Integration drama in the smart home and Lumafit’s CEO on new wearables

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While waiting for official support on popular devices like the Nest thermostat or the Dropcam line of IP cameras, some smart home hub makers are hacking together integrations that might leave consumers in a lurch when the functionality changes. Kevin and I discuss the problem of integrating a variety of devices together to build a smarter home — from security flaws to increasing complexity for the network manager.
We also talk about the IFTTT support for Android and the demise of the Nike Fueband and the next generation wearable market. My guest, Darran Hughes, the CEO of Lumafit and I spend a lot of time discussing the fate of the wearable market, as Lumafit is a new wearable device on the market. Hughes and I lay out what consumers might expect from a wearable, how to build connected devices and what’s different about the European market.
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guests: Kevin Tofel and Darran Hughes, founder and CEO of Lumafit.

  • Dropcam’s CEO isn’t to keen on the SmartThings integration. Here’s why.
  • Kevin hated the Fuelband and I’m pumped about IFTTT on Android
  • When you build hardware, you need to design 18 months into the future.
  • Will fitness trackers retain their usefulness with teh dedicated athlete?
  • How is Europe’s connected consumer different from the American consumer?

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