Intel® solutions for Lustre software

Data- and compute-intensive applications require storage solutions that combine extreme performance at large scale with simple but powerful management tools.
Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre software unleashes the performance and scalability of the Lustre parallel file system for HPC workloads, including technical big data applications. It allows end users who need the benefits of large-scale, high-bandwidth storage to tap the power and scalability of Lustre. Simplified installation, configuration and management features are provided by Intel® Manager for Lustre software, a management solution purpose-built by the Lustre experts at Intel for the Lustre file system. Intel EE for Lustre software is backed by Intel, the recognized technical support providers for Lustre, including 24/7 service level agreement (SLA) coverage.
Intel® Cloud Edition for Lustre software, based  on open-source Lustre and optimized for Linux servers, is a scalable, parallel file system purpose-built for HPC. Ideally suited for dynamic, pay-as-you go applications — from rapid simulation and prototyping to ?cloud bursting” some or all of your peak HPC workloads — Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre helps maximize storage performance and cost-effectiveness with AWS.
Intel® HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop software combines the performance at large scale of Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre with the productivity and security of Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software. This powerful combination allows users to run their MapReduce applications — without changes — directly on shared, fast, Lustre-powered storage. This optimizes the performance of MapReduce tasks while delivering faster, more scalable, easier-to-manage storage.