Comparison service Versus releases first mobile app for Android

Versus, the Berlin-based comparison service that tries to combine semantic data (for products, places, whatever) with natural language algorithms and increasingly user opinions too, has gone mobile. Though its rather sparse web service is clearly designed to work nicely on small screens, it now has its first proper smartphone app, for Android(s goog).
The app is somewhat prettier than the website, in my opinion. As with the site, it allows you to compare stuff – here, inspired by my colleague Kif Leswing’s take on the Samsung Galaxy K yesterday, I compared the new smartphone with its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 Zoom:
Versus Galaxy K Zoom comparison screenshot
Then I compared my alma mater, the University of Cape Town, with the Free University of Berlin. My new local university has more Nobel laureates, but it’s lower in the Times Higher Education rankings:
Versus UCT comparison screenshot
I’m a bit disappointed that Versus can’t compare anything with anything, though perhaps that’s asking a bit much. It’s mostly product-centric, so I can’t literally compare apples and oranges, and whether or not a product is in the database can be a bit hit-and-miss. But in certain categories, such as the tech and education examples shown above, it presents a very attractive, understandable and useful service.
According to founder Ramin Far, Versus began its app journey on Android because of market share, but an iOS(s aapl) is in the works. Versus currently has around 3.5 million users, he added.