FCC Chairman on net neutrality: all options are on the table

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler once again defended his commission’s proposed new net neutrality rules during a keynote given at the Cable Show in Los Angeles Wednesday, warning ISPs that they shouldn’t take this as an encouragement to introduce slow lanes. “I’m here to say to you: Wait a minute, put away the party hats,” he said.
He went on to warn that any efforts to divide the internet between what he called “have’s and have-not’s” cold result in harsh responses, including a reclassification of broadband services, something that commonly known as Title II reclassification. “All options are on the table,” Wheeler said, explaining that the new proposed rules aren’t set in stone and that the commission is seeking input on it now.
However, Wheeler also urged to put new net neutrality regulations in place soon. Said Wheeler:

“I’m interested in results. The commission has been trying to do something for almost a decade. It’s time to get the hob finished. We have been waiting long enough.”

The FCC circulated a notice for proposed new net neutrality regulations last week, and as part of this for the first time opened up the option for internet service providers to charge content publishers for access to faster lanes to the consumer. The proposal provoked a significant backlash from net neutrality advocates.