Google introduces standalone apps for docs and spreadsheets

Google’s(s goog) suite of office apps has long had a home on mobile devices through Google Drive, but on Wednesday the company introduced standalone apps for Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets. According to a post on the official Google Blog, Slides, Google’s presentation app, is coming soon.
Users can still browse and edit your documents through the Drive app, but eventually they’ll be prompted to download the standalone apps when editing or creating a document in Drive. The new apps are almost identical to their implementation inside the Drive app, which will be relegated to organization and viewing duties.
The move comes at a time when several companies are deciding to distribute features into separate apps. Google’s decision to break up the Drive app comes shortly after Facebook announced plans to break Messenger out of its main app. Last month Microsoft finally brought Office to the iPad, and it chose to break spreadsheets, documents, and slideshows into different apps. All three of those apps are currently in the top 10 free apps on Apple’s top charts, although they require a paid subscription to Office 365 in order to edit or create documents. Google Drive is currently the 46th most downloaded free iPad app on the App Store, despite similar functionality to Office without a monthly cost.
The standalone apps are available now on Google Play and the iOS App Store.