Microsoft brings its Windows 8 Reading List app to Windows Phone

Microsoft(s msft) released a new Windows Phone app on Wednesday that emphasizes its “Windows anywhere” software concept. Reading List is now available for Windows Phone 8.1 handsets and it supplements the already available app by the same name on Windows 8 PCs and tablets.
windows phone reading list 1
Reading List is what it sounds like: The software is meant to save online content for later reading.
It’s akin to similar third-party apps such as Instapaper and Pocket for example, neither of which are natively available for Microsoft’s smartphone platform. The app can save web articles from Internet Explorer, videos and even content from other native Microsoft apps such as News. Unlike similar apps, the software renders content in its original format, meaning, it doesn’t strip ads or other bits from the content. You can, however, hit the Reader Mode button within the app for that view.
Organization of content is a focus as well:

Reading List on Windows Phone 8.1 shares many of the awesome features seen in the Windows 8.1 app like being able to organize and filter articles into categories. Reading List on Windows Phone 8.1 has an improved Home screen that highlights an article from your list with a nice big version of the article’s image and under that, the Recently viewed section will show the five most recent things launched from Reading List.”

The idea here is that it doesn’t matter which device you’re using, provided its a Windows device, that is. Your reading list will sync between PC, tablet and phone so that you don’t lose track of content you want to consume. I don’t see any mention of Reading List working in an offline mode, so if that’s missing, I’d like to see Microsoft add offline reading support soon.