More evidence suggests a sub-$200 June launch for LG’s G Watch

Reinforcing prior reports of LG’s first Android Wear smartwatch launch, Unwired View says the G Watch will launch in June for those in France. The expected cost is €199 according to LG officials in that country. Earlier this month, LG confirmed a similar price for the watch in the U.K. market and also suggested June availability.
The launch timing of the wearable device makes perfect sense as Google’s I/O(s goog) developer event is scheduled to take place on June 24 and 25 in San Francisco. Although the company already announced its Android Wear software for smartwatches, the big product reveal would likely be on stage at Google I/O. Since LG was a primary partner in the development of Android Wear, it has surely been working on the G Watch for at least several months now. That would support an actual product launch on or right after Google I/O.
lg g watch on wrist
So we pretty much know when the G Watch will arrive on the market at this point. We also know that Motorola’s Moto 360 will launch soon after; I wouldn’t be surprised for Motorola to formally introduce the product when LG launches its own watch, even if the Moto 360 isn’t available for a few weeks after that.
Pricing for these is interesting given the cost of prior or last-generation smartwatches. It’s pretty typical for device prices in pounds or euros to simply swap the currency symbol when sold in the U.S. That would mean the G Watch should hit U.S. shores for between $180 and $199.
I’d like to see the Moto 360 come in at the same price but the round display could add a premium. Still, a $229 to $249 range for the Moto 360 isn’t terrible. If these costs are accurate — and the watches deliver on their promise of usefulness — it could put price pressure on existing smartwatches from Samsung, Pebble, MetaWatch and others.