Calling all video geeks: Help SpaceX clean up its soft landing video

Last week SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that after 12 years the team had finally achieved a major milestone on the way to lower cost, more sustainable space travel: a soft vertical landing of the boost stage portion of a rocket, which is the part of the rocket that returns to Earth after launch instead of traveling into space. Musk said data showed that the boost stage hovered briefly over the ocean, and extended its legs, before sinking into the ocean and much of it being lost at sea.
Unfortunately part of the public proof of the soft landing is video footage that SpaceX has from the boost stage itself, but it’s been badly damaged. You can watch it for yourself, but it’s pretty difficult to parse much out of it. Here’s a version of the video that SpaceX worked on to try to clear up:

And here’s the original raw footage:

SpaceX is asking all video geeks out there with in-depth knowledge of repairing videos to see if you can fix the video yourself. The original raw file is here and the original SpaceX repaired file is here.
If you have any success SpaceX asks you to upload your video to this Reddit page, where they’re also answering any questions you might have. As this Reddit commenter put it:

“I like that SpaceX is willing to release the footage. They are rocket scientists, and I’m sure there’s some people out there who are significantly better at video processing than they are :).”

Have fun guys!