Kamcord gets $7.1 million in funding for mobile game videos

Ever got stuck in a mobile game? What if the game could offer you instant access to videos of other players completing the level that’s been causing you trouble? That’s one of the premises of Kamcord, a mobile gaming video startup that announced a $7.1 million Series A round of funding Thursday. The investment was led by led by TransLink Capital, with DeNA, SV Angel, Innovation Works, KLab, M&Y Growth Partners, and XG Ventures all participating.
Kamcord’s main product has been an SDK that allows iOS game developers to add the ability to instantly record gameplay and then share these videos either in the game, through Kamcord’s own platform or even through social networks. The startup also released an iOS app that can be used to watch these videos, and discover new mobile games that way.
Kamcord co-founder Aditya Rathnam told me during an interview last week that he and his co-founders got inspired for Kamcord when they saw countless videos of mobile game play pop up on YouTube. Gamers clearly wanted to share their achievements, but videos often looked bad because people were simply filming their phone’s screen, and the context just didn’t seem right. People don’t necessarily want to share game videos with everyone that follows them on Facebook (S FB) and YouTube, (S GOOG) he argued, adding: “They like to share videos to an audience that relates to them.”
Kamcord’s SDK is already being used in 260 games. Users of the service have shared more than five million videos, and one million videos were shared during March alone. The company isn’t the only one looking to capture and share mobile game play, but the idea is nonetheless intriguing. I could for example imagine that Apple (S AAPL) or Google could take a closer look at this approach, and one day decide to use mobile game videos to show visitors of their app stores what a game really is about.