Spanning founder launches Numerous because dashboards are the new black

Charlie Wood, the former CEO and cofounder of backup company Spanning, has a new app up his sleeve designed for the internet of things. The app, called Numerous, launched Thursday on iOS(s AAPL) and tracks your daily metrics. While I was, and still am a bit skeptical, about the app, it does have some appeal.
The app is supposed to be a quick place to aggregate numbers that matter in your life — from your Fitbit data to the number of days until your anniversary. Wood tracks his car’s total mileage, his gas mileage, his kids’ allowance and data on Spanning customer wins from Salesforce. He also tracks the days until Mother’s Day, the number of miles a running buddy logs and whatever else he’s interested in.
As you might see, this app could be useful for folks who track stocks, sports scores or even have a ton of connected devices they might be interested in monitoring. You can also share the numbers and set alerts. For example, Wood has a Withing’s scale that shares his weight with his trainer and alerts her when he gets above or below a certain mark.
Bringing in data will be taken care of via a service like If This Then that or Zapier for the non-programmers, or you can have a buddy write a script, as Numerous supports Rest APIs. Wood isn’t sure yet about the revenue model, but envisions people subscribing to premium data streams, such as sports data or scores in real time. There may also be a freemium model affiliated with devices. Something like this might be nice for a Glass or watch-based glance-able interface.
Wood, and his co-founder John Scalo, who is a 20-year Apple veteran, are supporting iOS for the time being with an Android app coming out at some unspecified time.