Apple has acquired micro-LED specialist LuxVue Technology

CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly said that Apple(s appl) has acquired 24 different companies in the last 18 months, although several of those acquisitions were unannounced and unidentified by the public. We can now add LuxVue Technologies to that list, according to a report in TechCrunch on Friday. In a statement, Apple did not deny the acquisition.
There isn’t a lot of available information about what the Santa Clara, California–based LuxVue does. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reported last December that the company raised $25 million to work on LED technology and Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy sits on its board.
The company has filed several patents, mostly focusing on micro-LED technology, which could eventually find applications in wearable devices.
Kleiner Perkins, an early investor, lists LuxVue on its website as “acquired.”
LuxVue’s CEO, Andreas Bibl, worked on an fitness tracking device called SportBrain from 1999 to 2001.