Zipcar to launch one-way rides with the Honda Fit

There have generally been two options for car-sharing companies throughout the world: allow one-trips or don’t. Later this year, Zipcar plans to join the former camp, and on Friday announced it will launch one-way trips in select markets in the fall using the Honda Fit cars.
One-way driving options can be a pretty convenient perk, enabling drivers to pick up a car in the city and drop it off at, say, the airport, before a big trip. It just adds flexibility, particular in a city with good public transportation and other mobility options.
Zipcar one way
BMW’s car sharing service DriveNow has offered one-way trips since it launched using BMW’s all-electric ActiveEs. Daimler’s car2go network also offers one-way trips with its fleet of Smart fortwos and electric fortwos. Because most electric cars have shorter ranges than gas cars and need a designated charging station (rather than any old gas station you can find), one-way trips can offer a more bite-sized, and more predictable path, which can be a good fit for using EVs.
Zipcar’s new one-way cars will use the logos you see above to indicate they can be dropped off at a different location than they were picked up.
Zipcar is the largest car sharing network in the U.S. and was bought by rental car company Avis at the beginning of 2013.
Updated to reflect that Zipcar’s one-way service is using the Honda Fit cars, not the Honda Fit electric cars.