Web gaming future: 3-D graphics games in the browser without plug-ins

Chromebooks(s goog) don’t compete with traditional desktops when it comes to gaming, partially because complex graphical games in a browser aren’t yet feasible without plug-ins. We’re getting closer though and if you doubt that, check this pair of 3-D gaming demonstrations published by Unity.
I tried the Dead Trigger 2 demo on a few Chromebooks and it runs amazingly well; note you’ll need either Firefox or Chrome 35 to test it yourself. The game looks and plays the same on a Chromebook as it does natively on my iPad(s aapl). Bear in mind this is just a technical demonstration but it’s still impressive. The Unity team is managing this by using the WebGL graphics library and JavaScript for the game; all the details on this is done are here in a Unity blog post.
We discuss the implications of this technology on our latest Chrome Show podcast. Tune in below or download the show here to listen in on that topic as well as news of Asus’s upcoming C200 Chromebook, the delayed Samsung Chromebook 2 and a surprising Chromebook pickĀ from Consumer Reports.
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