Breeding a generation of citizen developers with Anaplan

Today markets and technology move at speeds that seem to defy physics. Young, fast-growing companies and established but fast-changing companies both face a relentless cycle of reinvention, literally changing the way they operate to win in the market.

The question is, What operational changes are required to thrive in this era of hyper-growth and hyper-change?

One change to help companies adjust more rapidly is to further enable business users to do their work with reduced dependency on IT or developer resources. The concept of the citizen developer who builds DIY applications is becoming a reality with the newest generation of enterprise software companies.

One of these companies is Anaplan, a cloud-based platform that enables users across functional areas of an enterprise to construct data-driven business planning applications. Anaplan combines in-memory computing with multi-core processing for both responsiveness and power. Business users can create and adjust their plans in real time, rather than having to go through arduous process management updates (via IT) for every change they make. IT is still in the mix, supporting data integration, but they are not standing in the way when the citizen developer needs to make changes to the business logic of an application. This is important because the citizen developer understands the day-to-day functions of the people who are using the applications.

Anaplan’s upcoming conference, HUB 2014, will provide a great opportunity to hear directly from hyper-growth companies, such as Box and Pandora, and hyper-change companies, such as HP and McAfee. Learn how they are enabling citizen developers across their companies.