New evidence of employee disengagement: 1/3 say employer is not always honest and truthful

The Wall Street Journal is working with the American Psychological Association on a workplace study, which as far as I can determine has not yet been published.  However, some of the results reported in a WSJ story are in line with other recent research regarding workforce disengagement (see What to do about the disengaged workforce? and The way to engage employees is to disengage management, for example).

In this research, only 52% of those surveyed — 1,562 working adults conducted in January and February — said ‘My employer is open and upfront with me’, and 24% don’t trust their employer.



There is evidence that the persistent pay gap between men and women is an issue:

On a side note, the survey also found evidence of frustration among women about the persistent pay gap, with only 42% of women expressing satisfaction with their pay compared to 54% of men. But a roughly equal proportion of men and women—60% of men and 58% of women—say they are satisfied with the work-life balance practices at work. But only 52% of all surveyed say that they feel valued.

It’s clear that employers either don’t make employee engagement a priority, or their efforts are failing.