Dropcam makes its smart home play with new sensors

Dropcam, the Wi-Fi enabled camera, said it will launch a line of sensors for the smart home that will track when a door or window is open or closed as well as movement. The sensors, called Tabs, are expected in August and will retail for $29. The company also launched its people recognition technology that will track when humans are in the room and eventually identify them. This is yet another way to offer presence detection in the smart home, and will also be available in August.

This fits with what Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy told me last week, when he mentioned that the company was resistant to SmartThings creating a workaround to let consumers who have a SmartThings home hub, control the Dropcam with the SmartThings app. Duffy was worried about the security of the integration, but also said Dropcam was planning its own smart home play.

The Tab sensors are for Dropcam Pro subscribers who pay a monthly fee for more cloud storage, which means that Dropcam views a unified home control product as something it wants to monetize above and beyond the sale of its cameras. As for the image recognition, Dropcam is taking a smart approach by streaming the video to the cloud and doing the analysis there. The type of processing power needed to handle that image recognition on the fly will be a topic that Duffy will discuss at our Structure conference June 18 and 19 in San Francisco.