Why Gigaom thinks it’s time to reinvent the internet

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It’s hard to think of something that has changed the world more in the last 25 years than the transformation of the internet into the most widespread form of communication and expression the world has ever seen. Unfortunately, if it is to remain as open and inexpensive a means of communication as we’ve known it, some things will have to change.

One of the founding principles of Gigaom is that connectivity is the lifeblood of the tech industry, and over the years we’ve tried to shape our coverage as much around that topic as possible. It has become increasingly clear to us that the internet is under siege from for-profit business interests, aging and outdated laws and policies, and the ever-growing demands that we place on its infrastructure.

We thought it was time to take a look at the current state of the internet and outline our proposals for how we think the internet — including everything from last-mile broadband to wireless spectrum to movies and TV — might be reinvented if it were being conceived in 2014, knowing what we now know about its evolution and the world’s reaction to its expansion.

We have five pieces to this special report:

We hope you enjoy our report and that it sparks thought and discussion. And as always, don’t forget to help us learn with your feedback.

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