Facebook’s Audience Insights shows how much the social network is really tracking

Facebook (s fb) released a new, expanded marketing tool for brands called Audience Insights on Thursday, and it gives a peek into the company’s extensive targeting powers. If you weren’t sure exactly how much Facebook knows about you while you’re on its platform, you may be surprised.

According to a blog post announcing the product, Audience Insights offers “aggregate and anonymous information” on many facets of user data, including but not limited to:

  • Demographics, including age, gender, relationship status and job role
  • Location and language preferences
  • Top page likes for brands
  • Past purchase behavior, including retail preferences and purchase methods.

While Facebook says in the post that anonymity is top priority, the introduction of Audience Insights shows how granular the company can get with its targeting. That data will come in handy down the road, as the company continues to roll out its ad network to developers.

The tool will likely be a boon for brands seeking information on their fans. Users can’t do much about the information that Facebook acquires about them — as the company continues to gather and use more of the data that it generates on its site, its tools for refining that data will also become more sophisticated, and even extend off of Facebook to other websites.