The first officially licensed Lightning USB stick for iOS looks handy

There are hundreds of ways to transfer data on or off your iOS(s appl) device, but most of them require the cloud or iTunes. Wouldn’t it be nice to plug in a flash drive into your iPhone and easily offload the gigs of photos cluttering your handset? A new Kickstarter is offering a product that does just that by combining a USB drive with a Lightning connector.


The drive promises to make file transfer on or off an iOS device easy: use the lightning connector on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, and then use the USB side on a desktop computer. Simple. Of course, just plugging in flash storage into iOS doesn’t do anything, so there’s a required free file manager app for moving content between devices. Unfortunately, the iStick only supports the USB 2.0 standard, so you won’t be getting the super-speedy file transfers promised by USB 3.0 ports with this accessory.

While there were a number of USB flash drives that incorporated Apple’s previous 30-pin connector,the new Lightning connector is proprietary, and knockoff products often suddenly stop working. So it’s important that iStick has Apple’s official Made-For-iPhone blessing to use its proprietary connector.

The iStick comes in several colors that match the iPhone, including gold, and they should ship in late August. Backing for $65 will get you one 8GB iStick, which actually seems like a bargain compared to the (delusional) $129 suggested retail price listed on the Kickstarter for when the product is generally available. If you’d like a little more storage space, sizing options run up to 128GB.