Nested virtualization instantly “cloud enables” enterprise applications for dev/test

The enterprise challenge
At first glance it may seem that to get all the benefits of the cloud you need to migrate your applications, or at least migrate your dev/test workloads. Migration typically requires conversions of your on-premises VMs and invasive changes to the application itself, as well as significant automation overhead.


The nested hypervisor solution
With Ravello’s HVX hypervisor, a high-performance nested hypervisor with software-defined networking and storage virtualization, enterprises can instantly run VMs from VMware, KVM and Hyper-V unmodified on any public cloud. Not only does Ravello eliminate the need for time-consuming cloud migration processes, it also provides built-in automation that lets developers and QA teams self-service provision entire multitier environments with one click.

The dev and test scenario
In today’s agile world, it is critical to give developers and test engineers as many test environments as they need to develop the best-quality software in the shortest possible time. Given the variability in demand for test environments throughout the software development process, it is economically infeasible to rely only on on-premises dev and test for truly efficient and agile dev/test. The public cloud is best-suited for bursty workloads like dev and test, even if enterprises have to deploy production applications on on-premises on VMware.


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The enterprise benefits
With Ravello’s non-disruptive approach, enterprises can instantly harness the agility that the cloud offers to improve the overall efficiency of the development process.

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