HTC One Mini 2 officially announced, is less impressive than its full-size sibling

HTC announced the HTC One Mini 2, a smaller version of the flagship HTC One M8, on Thursday. Unfortunately, it won’t have all the bells and whistles of its big brother. It lacks the One M8’s unique camera sensor and it uses a less-advanced Snapdragon(s qcom) 400 processor. In terms of look and feel, though, it is every bit a shrunken HTC One M8.


Most “mini” versions of flagship phones are usually less expensive, so the HTC One Mini 2’s limited specs aren’t surprising. Some compromises are necessary — the 5-inch 1080p SuperLCD in the M8 has been swapped for a 4.5-inch 720p screen, for instance — but I would’ve loved to see the One Mini 2 utilize the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor currently in the M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The One Mini 2 has been leaked and teased for months, and appears to be a direct successor to the One Mini, which also had less impressive specs than its big brother.

Most reviews note that HTC’s flagship devices have a few things going for them: HTC’s Sense UI, built on top of Android(s goog) 4.4, has several very handy features not included in stock Android, such as the ability to wake the screen by double tapping it. Sense 6 will come pre-installed on the One Mini 2. Furthermore, the HTC One M8’s strongest point is its solid, aluminum-heavy industrial design, and the new handset announced today should have an identical — but smaller — build.

The One Mini 2 will be available in grey, silver, and gold, when it goes on sale in June. HTC hasn’t announced pricing yet, but when the One Mini launched last year, it was relatively inexpensive: $99 with a contract, or $429 unlocked.