Survios raises $4 million in Series A funding round

Oculus VR’s now-famous virtual reality headset is not even commercially available yet, but that has not stopped new startups from forming around the platform. The latest is Los Angeles-based Survios, which announced today that it has raised $4 million in Series A funding.

Shasta Ventures led the round, and was joined by Renata Quintini of Felicis Ventures and Gen Isayama of World Innovation Lab. Shasta Ventures managing director Rob Coneybeer will join the Survios board of directors.

Survios combines Oculus Rift with sensors and controllers that allow people to port their body into virtual worlds. When I tried their system last month, I used a pair of Sixense Razer Hydra controllers to pick up weapons like axes, bows and guns to kill zombies. Buttons on the controllers let me grasp and shoot different weapons, while a bulb on top of my head sensed hand and foot movements so they could be translated into virtual reality.

Survios will use the funds to prep for its first product launch next year. While founders James Illiff and Nathan Burba have yet to say exactly what that will entail, they have said that they plan to swap the bulb for motion sensors that strap to players’ legs and arms.

“The team is young, hungry and extremely talented, and they have solved some tremendously important challenges that will enable the entire VR industry to evolve,” Coneybeer said in a statement.