Anonymous app Secret launches on Android and expands worldwide

International users will no longer have to wait to get their hands on buzzy anonymous confession app Secret, as the company announced Wednesday that the app is now available to download worldwide on both iOS (s aapl) and Android (s goog).

screenshot_explore_wikiSecret launched in January of this year for iOS in the U.S, but this is the first time the app is available to Android users. In exchange for waiting, those Android users will get exclusive access to a new, dual-feed design for the platform: The “Friend” feed will populate based on Secret’s regular contacts-based algorithm, while “Explore” will allow users to explore Secret’s global firehose similar to competitors like Whisper.

In addition to expanding its reach, Secret is also letting users interact with each other in new ways. They will be able to see how many friends they have on Secret, instead of just getting alerts after passing a certain number milestone. The app also now allows users to engage with their friends, initially in the form of asking questions anonymously.

Like its competitor Whisper, which recently confirmed a $36 million funding round, Secret is expanding its features to appeal to a wider audience. By introducing the Explore feature, which will hopefully make its way to iOS soon, Secret is widening its experience to help its users engage more broadly — not just with friends. But Secret not forgetting that users still want to learn more about those who are in their social circle, and asking anonymous questions among friends will be a good compliment to the app’s experience.