Samsung confirms acqui-hire of team

The team of New York-based video discovery startup is indeed heading to Samsung: A Samsung spokesperson confirmed the acquihire Wednesday, sending us the following statement via email:

“Samsung Electronics has only acquired key talent from, not the company itself or any of its products, services, customers or other assets. This acquisition of talent will help us continue to improve the overall user experience across our connected devices.”

Gigaom first reported on Tuesday that Samsung was acqui-hiring The language used in Samsung’s statement, which is pretty typical for an acqui-hire, makes it clear that there isn’t much of a future for Shelby’s existing apps, which will likely be discontinued soon.

Shelby competed in the crowded video curation space, where numerous apps have been trying to help viewers make sense of social data and other indicators to serve up personalized recommendations. Actually succeeding in this space is hard, especially because most consumers simply use YouTube’s apps, and possibly their Facebook (S FB) newsfeed, to find what they want to watch.